Shipyard and boatbuilding

- Wood, metal, glas-, carbonfiber and hydraulics

JOBI Værft performs all types of tasks within newbuilding, conversion and repair of vessels.

We are currently aprox. 50 professionally trained employees, who over the years have built up a broad expertise in all types of materials such as wood, metal, glass and carbon fiber as well as hydraulics. Our employees are all trained in ship and boat construction, and our blacksmiths have required welding certificates. We are happy to be responsible for the entire turnkey contract for your tasks, where we work together to find the best solutions and we are responsible for the contact to any necessary subcontractors that we know are specialists in their field and deliver a piece of well-completed work.

We regularly maintain the local fishing boats. In collaboration with the skipper, we help to develop the ship as a workplace and thereby improve conditions at sea. Several fishing boats have had a bilge keel fitted, the rear end changed or extended. If you have an idea, we have the solution.

In the field of traditional maintenance of veteran ships worthy of preservation, we have had many exciting projects. We have a really good collaboration with the Ship Preservation Fund. Our experienced ship and boat builders perform all maintenance on the old ships with woodwork, forging and assembly. All work is carried out in accordance with the Ship Preservation Fund's cultural-historical guidelines. Where working methods and materials must make the ship appear realistic
A traditional craft that we appreciate to uphold.

By the Danish Maritime association we are approved to:

  •  Inspection of hoists and unloading equipment

The yard is also an authorized FirePro dealer.

Few shipyards, like JOBI Værft, have experience with both glass and carbon fiber within new construction and repairs. Our experience with this has resulted in a collaboration with the Navy, where we perform general maintenance and repairs of the Navy's various vessels, as well as repair of damage and execution of reinforcements on the vessel's structures.

We also cooperate with the various port authorities on service, maintenance and conversion of maritime commercial vessels, such as pilot and tugs.

We are very flexible and mobile and provide service where and when the customer wants it.

We want to help you solve your next project.

Terms & Conditions click here:  Conditions for repair and conversion work

Contact us and get an offer, call Jesper Faurholt on tel. (+45) 2144 3025.


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